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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject RE: Navigation
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 15:57:22 GMT
At 11:41 AM 01/07/02 -0000, Jonathan M. Hollin wrote:
>The breadcrumb is essential for a website that's going to be home to
>such a large volume of data as the mod_perl website - even for
>experienced users...  As a designer of 30+ websites myself, the majority
>of which were subjected to useability studies, I have empirical evidence
>to support this claim.

I think that the amount of noise on the site is making me over react.

>:: On the mod_perl site, I don't think there's the need for a 
>:: big HOME or ABOUT bar across the top of the page.  After 
>:: all, you just clicked on one of the menu items which is now 
>:: highlighted, and the links below are related to the topic, 
>:: so you should know where you are.
>Yes there is.  What if you've followed a link in from another website,
>or a search engine?  What if you're looking at a bookmarked page?

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a heading.  My gut reaction is that
the current titles overwhelm the content.  It will be better when there's
more content, but instead of big blocks of headings why not just a little
more white space and a simple bolded heading?  I guess the big blocks chop
up the page too much, breaking the flow -- to me it looks like the content
is the "small print" on a contract.

[I don't really buy the "need to know where you are" when coming from a
search engine or bookmarked page -- the bookmarked page should have a title
in your bookmarks already, and the result of a search engine link is
already targeted, but I'll defer to Jonathan's experience.]

I'm a bit unclear.  What is the current design?

The page at:

looks better in my browser because it has smaller font, I believe.

But there's this:

Back again to the overall design, I'd like to see a more stripped down
version -- something with just the required text and links, but not much
adjustment of font, borders and such.  Is there a way to adjust the style
sheet (on the CVS version) to do this?

Oh, I'm not recommending this in anyway, but look at

That's a rather minimal site design where there's some style in the design,
yet the only thing on the page is really the content and the navigation.
What else do you need?  That's an extreme example, of course.

Bill Moseley

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