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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject next try
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2002 17:46:56 GMT

Here is my next try to merge some ideas ...

I've attached a patch file, too (a rather big one..)

This version is much cleaner, IMO. Maybe a light bg would be worth a try..

* some finetunig in style.css
* moved a <br> out of page/index into navbar_global, so that the boxes align
well if there is no breadcrumb
* removed now not needed toc-anchor
* changed main menu to plain links seperated by line brakes
* moved Stas' new download widget into navbar_local, removing the old one
from toc
* removed the 4 icons from the tail
* added a new top-link-image (also attached, although the image is not perfect)

This design is not rendering perfect in NS4, as the white boxes don't span
the page. Ditto the Headline crossbar.
But I'm finetuning some tricks to make it work on NS4 /and/ correctly
rendering browsers.

Oh, one thing I just discovered is that products/index.html doesn't span the
page (in Mozilla, Opera is OK) . Haven't got time right now to fix it (with
width:100% and some fiddling with padding-rigth) ...

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