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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Some new ideas..
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 17:14:50 GMT
Thomas Klausner wrote:

> Hi!
> I just wrote a small mod_perl handler so everybody can take a look at
> different CSS ideas without needing to copy a lot of files.
> You can try
> http://domm.lap/modperl-site-domm/style1/index.html
> to
> http://domm.lap/modperl-site-domm/style7/index.html
> (notice "styleX" where X is a number)
> The chosen style is also used on all subsequent pages (Take a look at those,
> too!!)

wrong URL :) should be:

can we have an index of indices page, please? to easy browsing?

> and take look at different colored H2/H3 Styles:
> style1: light blue background, dark blue letters
> style2: light blue background, black letters
> style21: as style 2, but H1 has got black letters, too
> style3: light blue background, white letters
> style4: no background, dark blue letters
> style5: no background, light blue letters
> style6: no background, blue (0000ff) letters
> style7: no background, black letters
> I don't really like 4-6 because the headlines don't attract attention.
> 1, the contrast between text and background is to low
> 3 is most ASF-like, but I like 2 or 21 better, because the white letters
> look sort of translucent.
> I like 21 better than 2 because I find some headlines white and some black
> confusing. 
> My favourite is 7. I just think it looks the best, although it's not very
> "merry"

I like 3 and 7, but using non-black color for 7 could be a better idea. 
Having black color in bold text is very bold :) I'd be nicer to have a 
softer touch.

I think that the good thing about putting the h1-h6 in the color box, is 
that it clearly separates sections. May be using a very light grey is a 
better idea. Compare:

3 is much better here. May be should try yet another CSS with very light 
bg and some outstanding fg? Doesn't have to be ASF like if it makes 
things better.

> A guess the look of the TOC/TOP and prev/up/next widgets will also influence
> the way the headlines should look. I will try Allan's widgets soon.

True, I think that in the content box we have these elements:

1 navigation widgets
  + [home / doc / ...]
  + [<|^|>]
  + [top|toc]

and they should probably look the same

2. main title

I guess it's OK, not sure if it's too big?

3. Table of content
   + the TOC's header
   + the TOC's body

and it looks good, but we may have a different header framing then the 
headers in the content.

4. Content
   + headers
   + normal text
   + italics
   + <code>
   + <pre> sections

need to decide on headers color, and I'm looking for suggestions for 
making <pre> be different from the rest of the text. the rest is fine I 

> Some other stuff:
> I moved the "tail" below the content area and put a <HR> in front of it. I
> think the <HR> should solve the "shrinking-page" problem, as suggested by
> Philip. Stas, what do you see?

Yup, that works!

> Maybe we could decide on a final basic structure (width of navbar/content,
> design of the navbar-buttons...) and than contiune fine-tuning (Headline
> Colors, Widgets..)

Yup, we are getting there. As soon as someone will make Allan's widgets 
work across more than one page, so it can be seen in different contexts, 
we will be able to decide, I think.

> The only real differnece between Allans and mine version are the NavBar
> buttons.
> I find mine more pleasant-looking, because the lot of black lines in Allans
> version are sort of irritating (at least to me).

I think Allan's widgets are slicker :) may be we should try lighter bg? 
but then it's a problem to contrast the fg. I like your idea of having a 
few CSS next to each other so you can easily compare. Let's try a few 
and see what looks the best.

May be we need a fresh look, since we all too used to what we see already.

> I don't really care about the mod_perl logo in the top left corner, although
> I think that you can see the camel better in the original version (white
> background)


Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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