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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [modperl site design challenge] and the winner is...
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 16:46:58 GMT
allan wrote:

> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>allan wrote:
>>>i think if we decide to keep - what i call the ASF-colored
>>>bar as background for the title-bar and perhaps TOC we shoud
>>>stay with the white colored letters.
>>>in my idea of the design the h1-h6 "headlines" that have no
>>>colored background-bar are even already using the light
>>>gray/blue (#828DA6) from that same scheme. perhaps not very
>>>colorful but very ASF - and very cool :-)
>>Can we see an example of what you are talking about?
> yes, on the content area of this page
> first a breadcrumb (home/download/)
> then follows a titlebar (ASF-background, white lettering)
> then follows a in-document navigation widget (ASF-colors)
> then follows anoher titlebar (Table of contens, named
> "Index" here, but again ASF-background, white lettering)
> if i click on the link called Description i get to a
> "headline" called Description. this headline has a white
> background and #828DA6-colored lettering.

looks good, Allan. I still didn't see other different pages, with more 
content, almost no content at all. I guess this is still a manualy done 
page, so it's probably not easy to show other pages.


* s/Index/Table of Contents/. 'Index' is what you have at the end of the 
book, not the beginning. Am I wrong? And I still think that [TOC | TOP] 
should be dressed similar to the [<|^|>] bar, like you had in the
original design.

* It's not clear that the breadcrumb (home/download/) is a navigation 
element. IMHO, making it into a colored bar will help those who aren't 
used to the site yet. This can be a very light grey, but I don't think 
transparency is good here.

* I cannot judge the font selection for other browsers, but on 
linux/mozilla Thomas' fonts selection is much easier to read than yours.
Any reason for picking this particular font?

* Thomas' menu fonts are narrower - the menu takes less horizontal space.

* I like Thomas' logo better, it's giving light. Can we use it?

* Also would like to have the bottom bar for TM/change date/other stuff. 
  What do you think? The "Use of the Camel for Perl is a trademark of 
O'Reilly & Associates, and is used by permission" clearly doesn't belong 
to the content box. So it's better to go to the bottom, something 
similar to what I've place in the boilerplate: I do want to put TT2 logo 
there. And may be more things in the future.

Overall it seems that we are getting close to something very good.  Good 
work folks!

Me working on porting the content, so once we have the design ready we 
can go to a preview stage with the real content.

p.s. I cannot remember where I've seen realy nice CSS for making <pre> 
sections look very neat :( May be we should use this approach?
I think it's too noisy.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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