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From allan <>
Subject Re: [modperl site design challenge] and the winner is...
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 13:35:31 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> allan wrote:
> >>* The real documents should have their css spiced up, all black/white
> >>text is hard to read. Can we put back the coloured H1-H6
> >>
> >
> > do you mean colored text for h1-h6 instead of white?
> Like the guide does:
> Of course the color choice may be different, but I think I like having
> the color. It makes the page merrier ;) What do you think?

i think if we decide to keep – what i call the ASF-colored
bar as background for the title-bar and perhaps TOC we shoud
stay with the white colored letters.
in my idea of the design the h1-h6 "headlines" that have no
colored background-bar are even already using the light
gray/blue (#828DA6) from that same scheme. perhaps not very
colorful but very ASF - and very cool :-)

> > we have to be careful with netscape here. i think tags
> > should look like
> >
> > <pre>some code stuff</pre>
> >
> > and not (for instance)
> >
> > <pre>
> >
> > some code stuff
> > </pre>
> why? I'm talking about code sections which are exactly the second
> option. In any case what's the problem?

oops i was too fast there, it wasn't so bad after a closer
it seems we just have to keep the <pre> tags completely left
of the html file
and then only allow leading whitespace after the opening tag
take a look at (in various browsers)

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