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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: mod_perl_site [design discussion]
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 15:47:50 GMT
 > :: The problem is the site is autogenerated, you cannot and shouldn't do
 > :: manual adjustments like padding with nbsp. The aim is to be able 
to drop
 > :: in any document in "any" format and it'll automagically fit into
 > :: the site.
 > I don't see the problem.  My WYPUG site is also 100% dynamic.  I 
 > using IE6 on Windows and thought everything was great.  I tested with 
IE on
 > the Mac - still great (once I'd found a transportable font combination),
 > then I tested with NS6 - and it all fell apart.  The non-breaking spaces
 > (inserted automatically by my script) pulled it all together.  I 
haven't yet
 > seen it with Konqueror or NS on *nix, but I have Linux users and 
haven't had
 > any negative feedback.  The spaces are obviously invisible and don't 
seem to
 > have any detrimental effect whatsoever, regardless of the length of 
 > I publish.
 > To summarise, the non-breaking space solution works.  If you find an
 > alternative that has the same effect please let me know as I'd 
implement it
 > myself on WYPUG

OK, perhaps you can explain in more details of what do you mean by
adding nbsp's. Do you always add them, or only when your script learns
that the widest line in the autogenerated content is not long enough?
Can you give an algorithm of nbsp's insertion: when, how many.



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