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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: Comment from the outside
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2001 05:02:29 GMT
At 12:33 PM 12/31/01 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>There is no need to make group decisions. The mod_perl site should be 
>properly viewable by *all* users using rendering user agents (aka 
>browsers) implemented according to the wide open standards. We aren't a 
>commercial body that decides to cut some users off, because let's say 
>90% is good enough for their profit making machine.

Actually, I was kind of making the point the commercial sites might not be
on the cutting edge of the standards so that they don't cut people off,
where we might be able to expect people looking at the mod_perl site to be
using newer browsers.

>Do you say that Thomas' design makes it un-readable for someone? I think 
>in the worst case, if the browser doesn't support CSS, the user will get 
>the menu on the top, followed by the content. Am I wrong?

Well, it's not really "un-readable", but it doesn't render that well.  I'll
attach a Netscape 4.08 on Windows screen shot.

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