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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject Re: [modperl site design challenge] and the winner is...
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 12:15:51 GMT

On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 05:50:02PM -0500, Philip Mak wrote:
> A horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom of the screen.
Yeah, we are still trying to figure out how to make the content area not so
big to force a scrollbar on users with low resolution, but still make it
span the whole browser window wher there is no content in the content area.

The problem is that when you specify width:400px and you have a big screen
resolution, you end up with a lot of white space on the right side. If you
don't specifiy a width, and there is no (or little) content, the content
area is smaller than on other pages.


I added a <div style='width:600px'> (actually it's class='spacer'..), which
works for me (Mozilla / Opera on Linux), but Stas said it doesn't work for

Jonathan M. Hollin suggested filling the content area with a lot of &nbsp;
which undoubtly works, but is IMO not that elegant.

> I have attached a screenshot from 800x600 resolution in Opera 6. (The same
> thing happens in Internet Explorer 5.5.)
On Mozilla (and Opera 5 BTW), the title bar ("Welcome to mod_perl") spans
the whole content area, not just behind the letters. I thought that was a
Netscape 4.* CSS bug? 

> I took a look at the style sheet
> ( and changed a few numbers
> such that the left sidebar takes up less space, and made it so that the
> page is allowed to compress smaller such that it'll even fit in 640x480
Nice. I will use that!

> BTW, kudos to the designer on making that page without using <TABLE> tags
> (which prevent incremental rendering)! I've tried to figure out how to do
IMO tables shouldn't be used for page layout. They just suck and are a
hopefully soon to be forgotten relict of mid/end 90ies HTML-"programming"
Just to bad that everyone seems to be using tables for what they weren't
inteded (including some HTML generating programs like Frontpage

> that myself before but didn't manage to do so for pages this complicated.
If you do page design only with style sheets, the page will look
strange/wrong on some browser without proper CSS support. So you'll need a
good browser (Mozilla/Opera) and basically forget about non standard
compliant browsers. Don't try to be cross-browser compatible, be standards
compatible ( is your friend..)!

> (If the person viewing the page doesn't have stylesheet support though,
> the sidebar will show up at the bottom of the page... Do we have any
That was actually intended by me, because when I use lynx I really hate to
scroll down 3 or 4 pages of NavBars before reaching the content.

> statistics on what percentage of people viewing the mod_perl website have
> user agents that don't do stylesheets, or Netscape with JavaScript off?)

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