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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject prev/next widgets
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 17:24:05 GMT

I was just playing around with the prev/up/next and TOC/TOP stuff.

I like Allans idea, but I felt something was wrong, and I think I now know
what was giving me troubles:

In the Prev/Up/Next thing, Up is written on grey (or blue, can't tell on my
laptop..), while Prev/Next is written on white.

In the Top-Thing, the same desing (grey box, next to a white box) is used
for a different meaning (both links go to the TOP), which is very confusing.

My Suggestion:
in the Prev/Up/Next Widget, drop the UP link. It's not really needed here,
as the breadcrumb allready provides a link UP. Then use the idea of the TOP
widget (Grey Box with arrow, then text) for the prev/next widget, maybe even
splitting it in two parts. You can look at a /very/ crude implementation at
Just imagine proper arrow images instead of ASCII art and a box around the
text instead of the grey background...

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