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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject Some new ideas..
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 16:40:19 GMT

I just wrote a small mod_perl handler so everybody can take a look at
different CSS ideas without needing to copy a lot of files.

You can try
(notice "styleX" where X is a number)
The chosen style is also used on all subsequent pages (Take a look at those,

and take look at different colored H2/H3 Styles:
style1: light blue background, dark blue letters
style2: light blue background, black letters
style21: as style 2, but H1 has got black letters, too
style3: light blue background, white letters
style4: no background, dark blue letters
style5: no background, light blue letters
style6: no background, blue (0000ff) letters
style7: no background, black letters

I don't really like 4-6 because the headlines don't attract attention.
1, the contrast between text and background is to low
3 is most ASF-like, but I like 2 or 21 better, because the white letters
look sort of translucent.
I like 21 better than 2 because I find some headlines white and some black
My favourite is 7. I just think it looks the best, although it's not very

A guess the look of the TOC/TOP and prev/up/next widgets will also influence
the way the headlines should look. I will try Allan's widgets soon.

Some other stuff:
I moved the "tail" below the content area and put a <HR> in front of it. I
think the <HR> should solve the "shrinking-page" problem, as suggested by
Philip. Stas, what do you see?

Maybe we could decide on a final basic structure (width of navbar/content,
design of the navbar-buttons...) and than contiune fine-tuning (Headline
Colors, Widgets..)

The only real differnece between Allans and mine version are the NavBar
I find mine more pleasant-looking, because the lot of black lines in Allans
version are sort of irritating (at least to me).
I don't really care about the mod_perl logo in the top left corner, although
I think that you can see the camel better in the original version (white

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