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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/api/mod_perl-2.0/Apache compat.pod
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 14:59:57 GMT
stas        01/10/02 07:59:57

  Added:       src/api/mod_perl-2.0/Apache compat.pod
  - starting Apache/compat.pod
  - documenting header_in|out
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  modperl-docs/src/api/mod_perl-2.0/Apache/compat.pod
  Index: compat.pod
  =head1 NAME
  Apache::compat -- 1.x backward compatibility functions deprecated in 2.x
  =head1 SYNOPSIS
    use Apache::compat;
  C<Apache::compat> includes all the functions that are deprecated in
  mod_perl 2.x. If you code uses any of these functions you should just
  include this module in your code and everything should work.
  However, certain functionality is not optimized and therefore it's the
  best to try to port your code not to use deprecated functions and stop
  using the compatibility layer.
  =head1 API
  META: complete
  Function arguments (if any) and return values are shown in the
  function's synopsis.
  =item * $r->header_in()
    $r->header_in( $header_name, [$value] )
  Return the value of a client header:
     $ct = $r->header_in($key);
  Set or modify the value of a client header:
     $r->header_in($key, $val);
  =item * $r->header_out()
    $r->header_out( $header, $value )
  Return the value of a response header:
     $ct = $r->header_out($key);
  Set or modify the value of a response header:
     $r->header_out($key, $val);
  You should not define any I<"Content-XXX"> headers by calling this
  method, because these headers use their own specific methods.
  =item *

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