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From Kent Fredric <>
Subject mod_perl fails to start tests with mpm_itk installed: "the server is down, giving up after 301 secs"
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2017 00:15:55 GMT
I'm trying to work around a bug found in vendorizing mod_perl for gentoo.

The problem appears to be that if a user happened to have installed
mpm_itk independently on a given box, then when they run mod_perl's
test suite, the test suite fails to even start[1]

My understanding of why if fails would be that given we run mod_perl's
tests as a non privileged user, and mod_perl's tests require
non-privileged usage to run, that creates a mutual exclusion with
mpm_itk, as mpm_itk requires apache to spawn as root.

The easy solution here to apply would be simply to state a dependency
specification for people with testing enabled that prohibits mpm_itk
being installed.

But I'm also wondering if there's a way to adjust the Apache::Test
configuration mod_perl uses so that it skips loading that mpm if its

Because if there was, this would be something that could be better
upstreamed and create less problems for people who aren't actually
using either mod_perl or mpm_itk, but just happen to have either of
them installed for the purposes of testing.

( The majority of people who do execute tests are other maintainers,
but our package manager is designed such that end users can execute
tests if they desire )




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