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From S5>
Subject Premier Member Login (Follow Inside)
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2016 23:16:25 GMT
You are receiving this email because you signed up for our product newsletter. If you'd like
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I've been given authorization from the other owners of BI to
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THE START. This way you can test out the system with the Money that
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use my money that I put in your account. And you let the BI
system make you profit before you use YOUR money? This means, if
you deposit $250, then I'll put in $250 also into your account. Kind of
like a "Matching Bonus".. If you put in $500, I'll put in $500. If you put
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Does that make sense?


I only have 8 more members that I can give this to. I can't give everyone
money, right? Otherwise, I would go broke. But I can do this for 8 more
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Please confirm that you want this free gift by clicking the link below...
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Trust me... You have nothing to worry about. You have zero
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The powerful automated software is still FREE… you're not giving that
money to me... I don't need it. That money that you’re depositing is
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So your money is secure and will still be in your hands... It's like
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But I'm only allowing this today. Anything you deposit today (up to
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It's yours if you want it, but you only have literally 8 hours to get this
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See you [inside](

Support Department

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