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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Apache-Test-1.40-RC1 out, mod_perl-2.0.10-RC1 coming!
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 19:15:54 GMT

Hopefully you've seen by now that I've just released an RC1 for

The reason for this is that I'd like to make a new mod_perl release
(2.0.10) soon, and it's worth getting the latest Apache-Test changes
into it.

I still have new test failures in mod_perl in a default configuration
build on Windows. I can get back to the usual (as of mod_perl-2.0.9 /
httpd-2.4) set of failures by disabling the PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS build
option in perl.

That's on by default, but is Windows-specific, so I'm hoping that
things will be OK on other OSes. If that is indeed the case then I do
not want to hold up releasing 2.0.10 over this issue because it
contains support for perl >= 5.22, which is particularly important
right now because CVE-2016-1238 means that all perls < the imminent
5.22.3 and 5.24.1 are insecure. (Also, perls < 5.22 are officially out
of support as far as perl5-porters is concerned -- see

So in short, expect to see a mod_perl-2.0.10-RC1 soon after
Apache-Test-1.40 is done!

If anyone has any spare tuits for some pre-RC1 testing of what is
currently in SVN then that could only be a good thing.

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