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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject [Report] Perl 2015-11
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:35:19 GMT
-- mod_perl 1.0 --

The mod_perl 1.x is a maintenance track designed to work with httpd

No new mod_perl 1.x releases since 2014-12.

--- mod_perl 2.0 --

mod_perl 2.X is designed to work with all httpd 2.X branches.

Steve Hay has taken the role of release manager and has released
mod_perl 2.0.9.

This release is the first new release in quite a while, and it has been
long awaited.

It mostly includes bugfixes and necessary changes to keep up with newer
Perls and httpds.

Perl 5.22.x isn't supported yet, but work on that front has been started.

Steve Hay still deserves special credit for his great work driving this

--- Apache-Test --

Apache-Test provides a framework which allows module writers to write
test suites that can query a running mod_perl enabled server.  It is
used by mod_perl, httpd and several third party applications, and
includes support for Apache modules written in C, mod_perl, PHP
and Parrot.

As planned, prior to the release of mod_perl-2.0.9, a new release
of Apache-Test was made.

Apache-Test 1.39 was released on Apr 21, 2015

--- Apache-SizeLimit --

Apache-SizeLimit is a popular component in most mod_perl production
environments.  It is used to kill off large httpd child processes
based on various environmental triggers.

Apache-SizeLimit 0.97 was released on Apr 02, 2012

No new Apache-SizeLimit releases since 2014-12.

--- Apache-Bootstrap --

Apache-Bootstrap is a framework to make it easier to build perl
module distributions for different mod_perl versions.  It encapsulates
code developed over the years by mod_perl developers to make
maintaining Apache::* and Apache2::* modules in the same distribution easy.

Apache-Bootstrap 0.07 was released on Jul 13, 2009

No new Apache-Bootstrap releases since 2014-12.

--- Apache-Reload --

Apache-Reload is a popular component in most mod_perl development
environments, used to refresh compiled code in the perl interpreter
without completely restarting httpd.

Apache-Reload 0.13 was released on May 09, 2015

-- Apache-DBI --

Apache-DBI is a popular component in many mod_perl deployments. It
is used to provide transparent database connection pooling to clients
using DBI.

Apache-DBI 1.12 was released on June 12nd, 2013

No new Apache-DBI releases since 2014-12.

-- Development --

mod_perl continues to be a healthy development community, though
as a mature and stable product development moves at a naturally
slower pace than in years past.  Bugs are found and discussed and
fixes are applied with due consideration for our production userbase.

The 2.0.9 release has created healthy activity, and adresses many of
the bugs reported.

-- Users --

The mod_perl users list is seeing little activity, except for the ocasional
obscure bug report, or general user questions.

Patches and bug reports are few, but keep on coming.

-- PMC --

No noteworthy PMC events happened since the last report.

The PMC has currently 11 members

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