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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Apache::Reload versioning
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2015 17:33:30 GMT
The current RELEASE notes for Apache::Reload say that after bumping
the version number from X.YY-dev to X.YY-rc1 in the Changes file, this
change should not be committed, and says "(see dev@ archives)" by way
of an explanation.

However, I have searched the archives and cannot find any explanation
for this bizarre directive. Does anyone know the reason?

(I'm about to make an RC1 for Apache-Reload so that we can include the
latest code via an official release into the forthcoming

For the record, when I made Apache-Test-1.39, I *did* commit the -rc1
edit to the Changes file since there was no instruction not to in that
case. I cannot see that any harm has come from it, nor how it could do
in the future.

We don't bother tagging release candidates, but it might help someone
in the future looking back through the svn history to see which
commits represented different RCs, if anyone is interested.

Unless I'm overlooking something that anyone can shed some light on
then I will remove the instruction from Apache-Reload before making

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