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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: release blockers?
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 07:36:38 GMT
On 16 October 2014 11:13, Torsten Förtsch <> wrote:
> On 16/09/14 09:08, Jan Kaluža wrote:
>>> Works for me last time I tried, but t/perl/ithreads* are not in the
>>> release tarballs anyway, I think (because of persistent trouble with
>>> them historically).
>> I've tried it with worker MPM and it fails for me, but I think the test
>> is somehow broken. The comment in says:
>>     # now add an extra PerlCleanupHandler. It is run each time the
>>     # interp is released. So it is run after Trans, MapToStorage and
>>     # Fixup. In the response phase $counter should be 5. After Response
>>     # it is run again but that is after.
>> But when checking the code for PerlCleanupHandler, it seems to be run
>> once the request request_rec.pool is destroyed, which is in
>> contradiction with the comment.
>> It then continues with:
>>     # This used to eat up all interpreters because
>>     # modperl_interp_unselect
>>     # calls modperl_config_request_cleanup that allocates a new interp
>>     # to handle the cleanup.
>> This is also not a true in current code. modperl_interp_unselect does
>> not call modperl_config_request_cleanup if I understand the current code.
>> I would say the test is outdated and I have no clue what was its goal.
>> It clearly tries to count how many times are the handlers executed, but
>> in its current state, it is not useful, because it tests the code paths
>> we no longer have.
> Back around 2.0.4 or so, we had several bug regarding interpreter
> allocation/deallocation. I especially remember 2. The first one
> allocated a separate interpreter for the response phase. So, you got
> different interpreters for fixup and response for instance. Then we had
> a complete mess with "PerlInterpScope handler". Perhaps the test is for
> one of these cases.
> We also had a bug that a PerlCleanupHandler was not called at all if
> another perl handler hadn't been invoked prior in the request cycle. Not
> sure if we have a test for that or if we even have fixed it.

It looks like it was fixed by revision 594609 on the threading branch,
which I merged into httpd24threading and then into trunk.

> I think all of these bugs should have been eliminated with the change
> from simple flag-based interpreter management to refcount-based. I
> believe this is what the current code is based upon, right?

Yes, all of the work you did (some of it committed by gozer) on the
threading branch is now in trunk. In particular, revision 594601 is
the one that introduced ref-counted interpreter management for
threaded MPMs.

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