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From Niko Tyni <>
Subject t/compat/conn_rec.t failure in trunk with Apache 2.4
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 11:32:47 GMT

I'm trying to get the current mod_perl trunk to build on Debian unstable
(with Apache 2.4.10 and Perl 5.18.2), and I'm seeing a failure in
t/compat/conn_rec.t. It's getting an internal server error at test 3,
with this in t/logs/error_log:

 [Thu Aug 07 14:15:39.916269 2014] [perl:error] [pid 19060:tid 140108267251456] [client]
overriding Apache2::Connection::remote_addr didn't return a CODE ref at /home/niko/tmp/libapache2-mod-perl2/blib/lib/Apache2/
line 252.\n

So it's the remote_addr vs. client_addr thing again.

The test used to work with the httpd24 branch at r1449661, and it
looks like it broke with r1497279, which restored 2.2 compatibility
in lib/Apache2/

If I understand this correctly, Apache2::compat is supposed to provide
mod_perl 1.0 backward compatibility, so we want to offer remote_addr()
there even with Apache 2.4. Does the attached patch make sense? It works
for me on 2.4 and I'd expect it to work with 2.2 too (but I haven't
verified that.)
Niko Tyni

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