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From Steve Hay <>
Subject httpd-2.4 support is now in trunk! :-)
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2014 12:36:35 GMT
Thanks to the magic of auto-merge I have now merged the httpd24 branch
and the httpd24threading branch that was copied from it (and which
includes everything from the threading branch) back into trunk.

Massive thanks to all those who worked on the three branches
concerned; I've not done much more than have the happy job of pressing
the buttons to merge it all into trunk ;-)

Please can you test trunk with httpd-2.4, and, not forgetting the
obvious need for backwards-compatibility, httpd-2.2 as well.

This has all been too long coming (apologies for holding things up
longer in a bid to get the tests passing on Windows), and it would be
great to finally get a 2.0.9 out soon with this stuff in it.

On Windows, the current state of play is:

httpd-2.4, perl-5.20.0, VC++ 2010:

Fails t\compat\conn_rec.t due to a problem getting this to work with
both 2.2 and 2.4. We should be able to sort this out somehow.

Fails t\protocol\echo_block.t, t\protocol\echo_nonblock.t,
t\protocol\echo_timeout.t and t\protocol\pseudo_http.t due to
Windows-specific problems that I have not yet been able to fix.

httpd-2.2, perl-5.20.0, VC++ 2010:

Fails t\api\access2.t, which wasn't happening on the httpd24threading
branch when I last tried (see so I
need to find out what's gone wrong. (Note that trunk is actually now
identical to httpd24threading, so I don't think the merge has gone
wrong. Maybe it's the newer perl I'm using now???)

I believe that the state of play on Linux is similar, except that it
doesn't have the failures cited as Windows-specific above, and does
fail a couple of other tests with httpd-2.2, but they were apparently
failing anyway before this merge was done (see

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