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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject httpd24threading branch build and test results
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 05:05:30 GMT
OS X, perl-5.16.2, httpd24threading branch. httpd 2.2.6 builds but
fails tests. 2.4.7 doesn't build, identifies the dynamic mpm when
apache was built with prefork.

httpd 2.2.6:

make test:

waiting 120 seconds for server to start: 00:00httpd: Syntax error on
line 13 of /Users/phred/dev/modperl/httpd24threading/t/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /Users/phred/dev/modperl/httpd24threading/src/modules/perl/
into server: dlopen(/Users/phred/dev/modperl/httpd24threading/src/modules/perl/,
10): Symbol not found: _modperl_handler_name\n  Referenced from:
 Expected in: dynamic lookup\n

httpd 2.4.7:

phred@harpua ~/dev/modperl/httpd24threading $ perl Makefile.PL
Reading Makefile.PL args from @ARGV
   MP_APXS = /Users/phred/dev/httpd_24/bin/apxs
no conflicting prior mod_perl version found - good.
Configuring Apache/2.4.7 mod_perl/2.0.9dev Perl/v5.16.2
MP_APXS unspecified, using /usr/sbin/apxs

Using Perl 5.016002 w/o ithreads and 'dynamic' mpm httpd.
Failed requirements:
  - Perl built with ithreads (build perl with -Duseithreads)

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