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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: need sanity check on my mod_perl + 2.4.6 on Windows attempt
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 18:29:37 GMT
On 5 November 2013 16:53, Jeff Trawick <> wrote:
> * Have existing 64-bit debug build of httpd/apr/etc. with VS 2012
> * Checked out httpd24threading branch of mod_perl
> * Have ActiveState 64-bit build of Perl 5.16.3 in PATH
> From a VS 2012 64-bit command prompt:
> (ActiveState ppm doesn't show the exact version requested as available.)
>> perl Makefile.PL MP_AP_PREFIX=%HOME%\PREFIXES\241
> (and let it download apxs.bat et al)
>> nmake
>> nmake install
>> nmake test
> ==> crash at httpd startup
> If I believe the Visual Studio debugger, it fails with a very basic linkage
> issue --!add_authz_provider has non-NULL cmd_parms; it
> calls perl_parse_require_line(), which the debugger believes has a NULL
> cmd_parms.  And indeed it crashes at a place in modperl_interp_pool_select()
> where a NULL pointer would be used, after making a bad decision based on the
> NULL cmd_parms.
> Any guess on what to change first?

Using the 2.4.6 debug build which I just made (and currently working
with a 5.18.1 debug perl build) I now have a working system! The
KeepAliveTimeout problem has gone away, and so has my earlier problem
of the api/add_config.t test crashing httpd.exe.

Your build notes look fine. The crash you have sounds like the same as
the call stack posted by Jan Kaluza (on Linux), but I'm not seeing
that myself right now.

The function your crash is in was new in the httpd24 branch, and it's
one of things that I had to sort out when merging the threading branch
into it. The threading branch changes the way that perl interpreters
are managed in mod_perl, and I've tried to apply those changes to the
functions since added in the httpd24 branch, but I've quite possibly
not got it all right.

What happens if you try the httpd24 branch? That worked (bar a few
test failures) for Jan on Linux, but for me on Windows it crashed
httpd.exe in api/add_config.t, with an error relating to interpreters
and memory pools -- which is why I went down the road of merging the
threading branch with the httpd24 branch, in the hope that it would
fix my problem.

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