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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: mod_perl head build with httpd 2.4.6 on Linux results
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:26:14 GMT
On 6 November 2013 17:55, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been tracking the httpd 2.4 dev work that Steve has been merging to
> trunk,

I haven't merged anything into trunk. I created a new branch called
httpd24threading, copied from httpd24, and then merged the threading
branch into that. I was hoping that it would fix an
interpreter/threads-related problem that I was having on Windows with
the httpd24 branch, and it does indeed seem to have done.

There are still numerous test failures to sort out (not just on
Windows), plus a problem with the order of creating an interpreter vs.
handling Require directive parsing that has just come to light (also
presumably not just on Windows), which is mentioned in the commit
message for revision 1539414. Assistance with resolving that would be
greatly appreciated.

After that, I think we could then be looking at merging it all into trunk :-)

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