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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: mod_perl head build with httpd 2.4.6 on Linux results
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 21:38:03 GMT
On 6 November 2013 18:42, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Steve Hay <> wrote:
>> On 6 November 2013 17:55, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
>> > Greetings,
>> >
>> > I've been tracking the httpd 2.4 dev work that Steve has been merging to
>> > trunk,
>> I haven't merged anything into trunk. I created a new branch called
>> httpd24threading, copied from httpd24, and then merged the threading
>> branch into that. I was hoping that it would fix an
>> interpreter/threads-related problem that I was having on Windows with
>> the httpd24 branch, and it does indeed seem to have done.
> Clearly I need to pay better attention here... I'll check out the
> httpd24 branch and give that a whirl instead.

Nooo! Check out the httpd24threading branch and give *that* a whirl!!!
*That*'s the one that I think we should merge into trunk when we're
happy with it, and if I read Jeff's latest post correctly then things
are better than I thought -- it looks like the Require line parsing
problem isn't actually a problem at all right now, and won't be until
such time as PerlAddAuthzProvider is updated to allow an optional 2nd
handler. So I think we can at least punt that issue into the future
for now, and worry about it if/when PerlAddAuthzProvider is enhanced.

>> There are still numerous test failures to sort out (not just on
>> Windows), plus a problem with the order of creating an interpreter vs.
>> handling Require directive parsing that has just come to light (also
>> presumably not just on Windows), which is mentioned in the commit
>> message for revision 1539414. Assistance with resolving that would be
>> greatly appreciated.
>> After that, I think we could then be looking at merging it all into trunk :-)

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