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From Jan Kalu┼ża <>
Subject Re: httpd24 on Windows?
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 14:01:08 GMT
> Please could somebody in non-Windows-land give the httpd24threading
> branch a try and report back what it's looking like there?

Hm, It crashes for me when starting httpd on "make test". It's OK in 
httpd24 branch. I haven't checked your commits yet to find out what's 
the problem, but I think I could try to bisect it tomorrow (don't have 
time today...)

#0  0x00007f383a05bf13 in modperl_interp_select (r=0x0, c=c@entry=0x0, 
s=s@entry=0x0) at modperl_interp.c:403

#1  0x00007f383a05bfb6 in modperl_interp_pool_select (p=<optimized out>, 
s=0x7f3847563ee0) at modperl_interp.c:396

#2  0x00007f383a0631a5 in perl_parse_require_line (cmd=0x7fffbb1845a0, 
require_line=0x7f38475ce980 "goo bar", parsed_require_line=<optimized 
out>) at modperl_util.c:992

#3  0x00007f38435a6ab1 in add_authz_provider (cmd=0x7fffbb1845a0, 
config=0x7f3847635cd8, args=0x7f38475ce980 "goo bar") at 

#4  0x00007f3846f9ed76 in invoke_cmd (cmd=0x7f38437a8b48 
<authz_cmds+40>, parms=parms@entry=0x7fffbb1845a0, 
mconfig=0x7f3847635cd8, args=0x7f38475ce978 "my-user goo bar") at 

#5  0x00007f3846fa135f in ap_walk_config_sub 
(section_vector=0x7f3847634f58, parms=0x7fffbb1845a0, 
current=0x7f38475ce930) at config.c:1308

#6  ap_walk_config (current=0x7f38475ce930, 
section_vector=section_vector@entry=0x7f3847634f58) at config.c:1341

#7  0x00007f3846f9452b in urlsection (cmd=0x7fffbb1845a0, mconfig=
<optimized out>, arg=0x7f384762f2c1 "") at core.c:2234

#8  0x00007f3846f9ed76 in invoke_cmd (cmd=0x7f38471d7428 <core_cmds+40>, 
parms=parms@entry=0x7fffbb1845a0, mconfig=0x7f384756b118, 
args=0x7f38475ce5f8 "/TestAPI__access2>") at config.c:878

#9  0x00007f3846fa135f in ap_walk_config_sub 
(section_vector=0x7f384756a8f8, parms=0x7fffbb1845a0, 
current=0x7f38475ce5b0) at config.c:1308

#10 ap_walk_config (current=0x7f38475ce5b0, 
parms=parms@entry=0x7fffbb1845a0, section_vector=0x7f384756a8f8) at 

#11 0x00007f3846fa264c in ap_process_config_tree (s=<optimized out>, 
conftree=<optimized out>, p=0x7f3847538158, ptemp=<optimized out>) at 

#12 0x00007f3846f7f9e6 in main (argc=9, argv=0x7fffbb184808) at main.c:639

> I think we could be getting close to merging this all into trunk! :-)

Jan Kaluza

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