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From "Steve Hay" <>
Subject RE: [httpd24 branch] apr-ext crashes
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 17:10:08 GMT
Steve Hay wrote on 2013-07-30:
> It's actually only the path to that I need to add to the
> PATH, which I'd determined previously was due to the new dependency (now
> in ModPerl/Const/Const.dll) on for the perl_module symbol.
> I'll look at that again, or else just work around it for now by adding
> to the PATH in the top-level Makefile.PL's MY::test().

For the record, I have now committed that "workaround" in rev. 1509781 after deciding that
it's fine, not just a nasty hack. The commit message hopefully describes my reasoning adequately:

"Add the path to to the PATH when running the test suite on Windows

Httpd.exe is able to find because the test httpd.conf contains a LoadModule line
with the fully qualified path to in it. However, before httpd.exe is started the
test framework must create that httpd.conf file. In the case of mod_perl it uses perl.exe
and goes into Apache/'s run_apache_test_configure(), which runs APACHE_TEST_CONFIGURE()
in various modules in t/response/TestApache (e.g. Those modules all use Apache2::Const,
but Apache2/Const/Const.dll and ModPerl/Const/Const.dll now depend on for the
'perl_module' symbol. Therefore, perl.exe must be able to find when running the
tests, and this is the easiest way to achieve that.

There is no problem with Apache2::Const and ModPerl::Const depending on because
they are normally only used within a mod_perl application, which will (obviously) have
loaded already. (It is only the APR::* modules which we are at pains (elsewhere) to avoid
having a dependency on because they are of use outside of mod_perl applications.)"

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