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From Jan Kaluza <>
Subject Re: [httpd24 branch] apr-ext crashes
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 08:51:54 GMT
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> I haven't finished with the other thread ("[httpd24 branch] merge with
> trunk?") yet, but I thought I'd start new threads for discussing specific
> test failures...
> The apr-ext tests are crashing perl.exe for me. I've looked more closely at
> apr-ext/brigade.t in a debug build. With the trunk and httpd-2.2 the script
> can be run at the command-line as
>   perl.exe -T -Iblib\arch -Iblib\lib -It\lib t\apr-ext t\brigade.t
> but with the httpd24 branch and httpd-2.4 it crashes in the APR::Pool->new()
> call right at the start of test().
> In mpxs_apr_pool_create() I have a non-NULL parent_pool_obj but the first
> line of the function,
>   apr_pool_t *parent_pool = mpxs_sv_object_deref(parent_pool_obj,
>   apr_pool_t);
> sets parent_pool to NULL, whence apr_pool_create() crashes because it tries
> to dereference parent_pool.

I think this is not true. In the test you mentioned, there's
"my $p = APR::Pool->new();". parent_pool_obj in mpxs_apr_pool_create is not
Perl object and that's the reason why mpxs_sv_object_deref returns NULL.
However, this is still valid, because if you call apr_pool_create() with
NULL parent, it creates new "root" pool (see [1]).

Could you try to get full backtrace from this crash?


> Any suggestions where the problem might lie would be very welcome while I
> scratch my head over it...
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Jan Kaluza

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