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From Jan Kalu┼ża <>
Subject httpd24 branch now works with both httpd-2.2 and httpd-2.4
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:55:02 GMT

I have done some work on httpd24 branch today.

Already done:
- xs/tables are now divided into two separate directories: 
xs/tables/current and xs/tables/current24 (2.2 vs. 2.4)
- xs_generate generates output to the proper directory according to 
httpd version.
- everything should compile fine with both httpd versions
- tests should work properly with both versions. there are currently 
some failing tests, but they fail even in trunk for me.

What's missing (TODO):
- xs/maps are still httpd-2.4 only, so if you try to run "make 
xs_generate" with httpd-2.2, it will break.

We have to use #ifdefs in the xs/maps and merge xs/maps from trunk with 
xs/maps from httpd24 branch. I will do that, but probably not this week.

I think it could be ready for merge after some more testing and when the 
things on TODO list above gets fixed.

Jan Kaluza

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