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From Niko Tyni <>
Subject [Apache-Test + httpd24] [PATCH] Set DefaultRuntimeDir on Apache 2.4
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 20:10:20 GMT
Quoting <>:

  Create run-time files such as shared memory files, pid files, etc.
    Use ap_runtime_dir_relative() so that the global configuration for the
    location of such files, either by the DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR compile
    setting or the DefaultRuntimeDir directive, will be respected. Apache
    httpd 2.4.2 and above.

The attached patch makes Apache-Test set DefaultRunTimeDir to the
log directory so that mod_auth_digest (and possibly others) will write
there. The setting is guarded with IfVersion directives, so the change
shouldn't break anything with older Apache versions.

With this, the mod_perl httpd24 branch doesn't need an explicit
DefaultRuntimeDir setting in t/conf/ anymore; remove that
as well.
Niko Tyni

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