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From Niko Tyni <>
Subject t/api/err_headers_out.t failures with HTTP::Message 6.06
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 06:49:08 GMT
We recently started seeing mod_perl test failures like this:

  Test Summary Report
  t/api/err_headers_out.t               (Wstat: 0 Tests: 6 Failed: 3)
    Failed tests:  2-3, 5

Looking at the test code in that file:

    # HTTP::Headers 6.00 makes the next 2 tests fail. When the response comes
    # in the header name is stored as "x-err_headers_out". But when it is to
    # be read below it is referred as "x-err-headers-out" and hence not found.
    local $HTTP::Headers::TRANSLATE_UNDERSCORE=                               
        if defined HTTP::Headers->VERSION and HTTP::Headers->VERSION==6.00;

HTTP::Message 6.03 has HTTP::Headers VERSION 6.00
but the recent 6.06 has 6.05.

Changing that test to read 'HTTP::Headers->VERSION>=6.00' fixes
the problem (although the equality comparison with a float makes me
slightly nervous, but it seems to have worked earlier.) Patch attached
for convenience.

I couldn't find a CPAN RT ticket about this in the HTTP-Message queue.
Was the problem discussed with HTTP-Message maintainers? Is there
reason to expect that the problematic change will get reverted?

This is <>.
Niko Tyni

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