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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: [MP2] Nullav undeclared make error
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 20:50:19 GMT
On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 12:20 AM, Steve Hay <> wrote:
> Fred Moyer wrote on 2012-07-18:
>> What update needs to happen to Apache-Test? If you want to make the
>> needed commit I can start the release process.
> All the necessary commits are in. Commit 1362414 updated Apache-Test, so
> I'm guessing we need to roll Apache-Test-1.38, and then update mod_perl
> to include that to get that commit into a mod_perl release?

A-T 1.38 is out. Do we need any other changes for 2.0.8 for this
issue? I may review the RT list to see if I can resolve a few more

>>> This gets mod_perl building again with a perl that doesn't have large
>>> files support.
>>> I still think we should also remove our usage of PERL_CORE, though...
>> Does this affect the minimum version of Perl we can support? I
>> remember from the last mp2 release that there was a file with
>> httpd/perl dependencies in it that I had to update.
> It shouldn't affect it. I did briefly break the build for 5.10.1 by
> having used a new symbol which older perls don't have, but the buildbot
> told me about that and I fixed it in commit 1362409. I will test with
> 5.8 to be sure when I get a chance, but generally the changes were to
> use NULL (rather than Nullsv et al ) a lot, so won't have any issues for
> older perls.
> You could start the ball rolling with a new Apache-Test release in the
> meantime, though: that only contained one Nullsv->NULL change, so
> definitely isn't a problem.
> Btw, did we get anywhere with granting PAUSE perms to other committers?
>>> From: Steve Hay []
>>> Sent: 13 July 2012 08:23
>>> To: Fred Moyer
>>> Cc:;; mod_perl Dev
>>> Subject: Re: [MP2] Nullav undeclared make error
>>> Various perl changes removed Nullsv, Nullav etc from the core (e.g.
>> see 24792b8dab and 3ae1b22641), but left definitions of them for when
>> PERL_CORE is not defined, for backwards compatibility with all those
>> CPAN modules out there which use them.
>>> The problem here is what Nick hinted at in his comment for
>>> 24792b8dab,
>> namely that "obviously" nobody outside of the perl core is defining
>> PERL_CORE... It's a rather too common and surely always wrong thing to
>> do that, and we're guilty of it ourselves: modperl_perl_includes.h
>> defines PERL_CORE as some kind of optimization, but only when
>> USE_ITHREADS is defined and USE_LARGE_FILES is not. That's not a
>> common configuration, hence we haven't seen this happen before, but
>> the last line which I've quoted below does indeed undefine large file
>> support, hence PERL_CORE gets defined and the definitions of Nullsv,
>> Nullav etc are not provided.
>>> I replaced all uses of Nullxx with (XX*)NULL in my modules some time
>> ago in the belief that if it was good for the core then it was good
>> for me, so I will do likewise for mod_perl unless anyone objects (or
>> beats me to it).

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