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From jdeighan <>
Subject Re: Windows binaries
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 14:33:27 GMT

I would be *very* interested in a working mod_perl 2.0.6 or 2.0.7 for Windows
- compatible with either ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl. As far as I'm aware,
only binaries for mod_perl 2.0.4 are currently available and we're getting
consistent crashes with it that, I believe, may be fixed in later versions.
This would be a tremendous help for us as we currently rely on mod_perl but
are stuck at Perl 5.8 due to this bug.

Steve Hay-2 wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would be pleased to learn if there is any interest for Windows
> binaries of Apache/Perl/mod_perl/libapreq to be made available to
> replace the very out of date ones currently available at
> If there is then I would be happy to do what I can to provide some. As
> an example, I've put together two builds of Apache 2.2.22 + Perl
> 5.14.2 + mod_perl 2.0.6 + libapreq 2.13: one with VC++ 6.0 (as per
> ActivePerl) and another with VC++ 2010 (the latest version available).
> They're both 32-bit release-mode builds with default configuration
> options.
> Before I consider producing any more varieties (hopefully 64-bit if
> possible, possibly debug-mode, maybe with different Perl configuration
> options (e.g. I normally use a perl built without PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
> defined) and definitely as and when significant new versions of the
> packages involved are released (e.g. the upcoming 5.16.0)), please
> would anyone interested take a look and let me know wwhether this
> would be a useful thing to have available in the future and what
> configurations would be desirable.
> Note that I haven't made .exe installer programs like the sadly
> departed Randy Kobes had done with the binaries currently at the
> location cited above. Instead, mine are just simple .zip files, but
> given that no installation as such is required anyway (you only need
> to unzip them, edit httpd.conf as required and off you go!), I don't
> think that's a problem. There is plenty of documentation around about
> how to set up these things, so I've just included a README.txt
> pointing to the relevant websites.
> I've uploaded the files to the following temporary location for your
> consideration:
> I've also put a slightly updated version of the apxs_win32 package in
> the same place, just tweaked very slightly to avoid a warning about
> assignments to $[ no longer being allowed.
> Would ppm packages for ActivePerl be useful? So far I've not had a
> chance to look into them, but will do so if there is interest in this.
> Steve
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