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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Windows binaries
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 20:03:57 GMT
Dear all,

I would be pleased to learn if there is any interest for Windows
binaries of Apache/Perl/mod_perl/libapreq to be made available to
replace the very out of date ones currently available at

If there is then I would be happy to do what I can to provide some. As
an example, I've put together two builds of Apache 2.2.22 + Perl
5.14.2 + mod_perl 2.0.6 + libapreq 2.13: one with VC++ 6.0 (as per
ActivePerl) and another with VC++ 2010 (the latest version available).
They're both 32-bit release-mode builds with default configuration

Before I consider producing any more varieties (hopefully 64-bit if
possible, possibly debug-mode, maybe with different Perl configuration
options (e.g. I normally use a perl built without PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
defined) and definitely as and when significant new versions of the
packages involved are released (e.g. the upcoming 5.16.0)), please
would anyone interested take a look and let me know wwhether this
would be a useful thing to have available in the future and what
configurations would be desirable.

Note that I haven't made .exe installer programs like the sadly
departed Randy Kobes had done with the binaries currently at the
location cited above. Instead, mine are just simple .zip files, but
given that no installation as such is required anyway (you only need
to unzip them, edit httpd.conf as required and off you go!), I don't
think that's a problem. There is plenty of documentation around about
how to set up these things, so I've just included a README.txt
pointing to the relevant websites.

I've uploaded the files to the following temporary location for your

I've also put a slightly updated version of the apxs_win32 package in
the same place, just tweaked very slightly to avoid a warning about
assignments to $[ no longer being allowed.

Would ppm packages for ActivePerl be useful? So far I've not had a
chance to look into them, but will do so if there is interest in this.


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