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From "Steve Hay" <>
Subject RE: [RELEASE CANDIDATE]: mod_perl-2.0.6 RC1
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 10:17:26 GMT
All good for me on Win7 x64 with VC++ 2010, httpd 2.2.21 and three different perls: blead in
default build, blead with perl's malloc() and no PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS, and 5.12.4 in default

... *EXCEPT* for the continuing problem of the test suite re-running at the end.

That problem is caused by r957309, which added "$(MAKE) -k run_subtests" and "$(MAKE) -C ModPerl-Registry
test" (and others) directly to Makefile.PL. I guess your make program has different arguments
to my nmake program. My nmake's -k means "Build unrelated targets on error", while -C means
"Suppress output messages" -- surely not what is needed!

The appended patch restores the original way of running the ModPerl-Registry tests, and appends
Apache-Reload and Apache-SizeLimit in similar fashion. This successfully runs the ModPerl-Registry
tests (as before), and successfully kicks off "nmake test" in Apache-Reload too, but unfortunately
the Apache-Reload tests don't work for me. It crashes out with the same error as if I manually
cd into Apache-Reload and run "nmake test", namely:

sorry, cannot run tests without a properly
configured Apache-Test environment, mininum
Apache::Test version needed is 1.3

Looks like Apache-Reload's Makefile.PL went wrong in check_for_apache_test().

The top-level build command that I run is: "perl Makefile.PL MP_AP_PREFIX=/full/path/to/httpd/dir".
Debugging inside the Apache-Reload Makefile.PL script I find that MOD_PERL_2_BUILD is set
in the environment, but none of MP_APXS, APACHE_TEST_HTTPD or APACHE_TEST_APXS are. So the
script pushes "-apxs" onto an initially empty @ARGV, but Apache::TestMM::filter_args() sets
@Apache::TestMM::Argv to an empty list (did it want a "value" for the "-apxs" argument?) and
hence check_for_apache_test() returns 0.

I notice that the INSTALL file does say to use MP_APXS=... rather than MP_AP_PREFIX=..., but
doing so makes no difference to any of the above. Even setting the environment variable MP_APXS
to the full path of apxs and then just running "perl Makefile.PL" doesn't work nicely (it
asks what the path to apxs is!).

I can make it work by setting APACHE_TEST_HTTPD appropriately and building as usual (with
the patch below, this passes all tests at the top-level, in ModPerl-Registry and in Apache-Reload),
but it doesn't seem ideal that such a thing is necessary, and INSTALL makes no mention of
needing to do it.

One other thing I noticed: the README file says "mod_perl is currently considered beta". Surely
it could be changed to say stable by now?

Index: Makefile.PL
--- Makefile.PL (revision 1244410)
+++ Makefile.PL (working copy)
@@ -789,23 +789,16 @@
        $(PASSENV) \
        t/TEST -bugreport -verbose=$(TEST_VERBOSE) $(TEST_FILES)
-       $(MAKE) -k run_subtests
-run_subtests ::
-       $(MAKE) -C ModPerl-Registry test
-run_subtests ::
-       $(MAKE) -C Apache-Reload test
+       cd ModPerl-Registry && $(MAKE) test
+       cd Apache-Reload && $(MAKE) test

     $preamble .= <<'EOF' unless $build->mpm_is_threaded();
-run_subtests ::
-       $(MAKE) -C Apache-SizeLimit test
+       cd Apache-SizeLimit && $(MAKE) test

     $preamble .= <<'EOF';
 test :: pure_all run_tests test_clean

End of Patch.

-----Original Message-----
From: Fred Moyer [] 
Sent: 14 February 2012 22:50
To: Torsten Förtsch
Cc:; Steve Hay; Niko Tyni
Subject: Re: [RELEASE CANDIDATE]: mod_perl-2.0.6 RC1

I've pushed RC2 which contains Steve and Niko's fixes.  +1 on
2.2.21/5.14.1 and Lion 10.6.

MD5 (mod_perl-2.0.6-rc2.tar.gz) = 3bc64d1ab66c29361e8a6a0ee044e667

2012/2/14 Torsten Förtsch <>:
> On Tuesday, 14 February 2012 09:15:25 Fred Moyer wrote:
>> >;filename=0001-F
>> > ix-a-
>> > reference-counting-bug-uncovered-by-Perl-5.13..patch;att=2;bug=6506
>> > 75
>> >
>> >;filename=0002-F
>> > ix-an
>> > other- 
>> > reference-counting-bug-uncovered-by-Perl.patch;att=3;bug=650675
>> That's right those are the two patches.  Feedback welcome, cc'ing 
>> Niko.  Take a look if you can, I'm ready to roll RC2.
> Committed revision 1244184.
> Thanks, Niko, for sorting this out.
> Torsten Förtsch
> --
> Need professional modperl support? Hire me! (
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