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From "Gavin McDonald" <>
Subject the gollucci is back!
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 22:10:11 GMT
This message hot off the press from pgollucci himself (with email troubles
so I am relay:)

<quote by the Gollucci>

If you haven't heard, I've stepped down as VP Infra, so I'm getting back
into some of the coding at ASF (horray!)

Coming up we/I need to do the following --

1) use for releases and distribution
   I'll handle this and update RELEASE accordingly.
2) drop support for perl < 5.10.0  [patch ready]
3) drop support for httpd 2.0.x and lower [patch ready]
4) stop waiting and merge branches/httpd24 and branches/threading to
   trunk (Thanks Torsten!)
5) Stop versioning APR/APU 0.9, and start supporting apr where
   apr/apr-util are the same thing
6) If you missed it httpd/apreq/trunk C bindings are not part of httpd
   for 2.5.x+.  The perl bindings need a new home.  For the moment,
   mod_perl is the only logical choice, so they will be relocated and
   apreq will be 'closed down'

</end quote>

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