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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test & LWP 6.x - don't
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 09:30:22 GMT
On Friday, June 03, 2011 21:33:23 Fred Moyer wrote:
> Any news on this Torsten?  I think we have enough code changes since
> February to start another release cycle here soon.  

Yes, I fully agree. Now that Perl 5.14 is out. About a fortnight ago I 
asked to test trunk with 5.14. Since there was no reply/complain I assume 
it works, ;-).

> This seems to be a blocking issue.

I don't think so. Tests are passed successfully most of the time. If you 
think it is an issue we can fall back to the built in HTTP client if LWP 
6 is detected. We already have an environment variable to do that. That's 
quite a simple fix, I think.

In the long term I'd like to have a full featured HTTP (1.0 and 1.1) 
client independent of LWP shipped with AT.

I currently don't have time to work on that. If I had I'd work on the 
httpd-2.4 port. Status here is that modperl compiles. A few segfaults 
have also been fixed. But it still crashes at startup in modperl_pcw.c.
Tackle one problem at a time, that's also the reason why I went back to 
LWP 5.

Torsten Förtsch

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