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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE]: mod_perl-2.0.5 RC1
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 07:18:09 GMT
Please download, test, and report back with +1/-1 for this official
mod_perl release candidate.  It contains a release candidate version
of Apache-Test 1.36 which will be released along with the 2.0.5

+1 on Linux/5.8.8/2.2.9
+1 on OS X/5.12.2/2.2.14

Change summary - this is a big one:

Perpare modperl for the upcoming perl 5.14 [Torsten Foertsch]

Add lib/ModPerl/ to MANIFEST via lib/ModPerl/
RT #48103 reported by
[Fred Moyer]

PerlIOApache_write() now throws an APR::Error object, rather than just a string
error, if modperl_wbucket_write() fails.
[Steve Hay]

Authentication tests fail with LWP 5.815 and later
[Doug Schrag]

Concise test won't perform unless StatusTerse is set to ON
[Doug Schrag]

Look for a usable apxs in $ENV{PATH} if all other options fail, then
prompt the user for one.

Work around bootstrap warnings when Apache2::BuildConfig has not been
created yet.

Remove Apache::test compatibility (part of mod_perl 1.2.7), that code
causes build issues and is 4 versions out of date.

Make sure perl is built either with multiplicity and ithreads or without
both [Theory, Torsten]

Support for "install_vendor" and "install_site" make targets [Torsten]

Run tests on bundled pure perl Apache::* modules [Gozer, Phred]

Implement a mini-preprocess language for map-files in xs/maps.
[Torsten Foertsch]

Implement APR::Socket::fileno [Torsten Foertsch]

Export PROXYREQ_RESPONSE, a missing PROXYREQ_* constant [Gozer]

Make sure standard file descriptors are preserved by the perl-script
handler [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix the filter init handler attribute check in
modperl_filter_resolve_init_handler() [Torsten Foertsch]

Make sure buffer is a valid SV in modperl_filter_read() [Torsten Foertsch]

Move modperl_response_finish() out of modperl_response_handler_run in
mod_perl.c [Torsten Foertsch]

"MODPERL_INC= now correctly supported as an argument to Makefile.PL"
[Torsten Foertsch]

Fix an XSS issue in Apache2::Status reported by Richard J. Brain
<>. [Torsten Foertsch]

Add NOTICE file to the distribution. [Joe Schaefer]

Make sure Apache2::RequestIO::read doesn't clear the buffer on end of
file and handle negative offsets and offsets that are larger than
the current string length. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a problem that could make APR::XSLoader and Apache2::XSLoader
load the wrong shared library. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix compilation when using a non-threaded APR.
[Gozer, Philip M. Gollucci]

Make sure mod_perl's own ChildInitHandlers are run before user
supplied ones. This fixes the incorrectly reported value of $$
at ChildInit time [Gozer]

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