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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject mod_perl 2.0.6
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 02:28:47 GMT
I'm going to roll a 2.0.6 RC in the last week of April in two months.
That should put us on track for quarterly releases.

In the meantime, if you have tuits, there are 19 bugs in the RT queue:

Overall I think mp 2.0.5 is looking *solid*, but I'll be putting some
effort towards a few of those bugs, and also exploring the
$r->spawn_proc_prog method that seems to have some issues in certain

I don't think we need to decouple the Apache-* modules from the 2.0.6
- it was really easy to release with the last stable version once I
read the branching doc Gozer wrote.  I am considering pulling
Apache2::Build out of the mp core distro and setting that up like
Apache-Test.  There aren't any mod_perl dependencies in there, so it
could be a great standalone module for other Alien::* and other
packages that try to bootstrap mod_perl.

Another nit I have to pick (Torsten maybe this would be up your alley)
is that @miyagawa posted a benchmark a while ago showing that his
Starman pure perl server was slightly faster than mod_perl.  We should
correct this bottleneck for 2.0.6 :)  Devel::NYTProf seems like it can
be used to get the low hanging fruit there, but I get the feeling
we'll need some XS hacking.  I'll try to get his benchmark code and
post it here.

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