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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject mod_perl2 vs Starman and other pure perl servers
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 02:35:27 GMT
I was curious about how mod_perl2 running Plack::Handler::Apache2
would stack up against some of the pure perl web servers out there in
terms of a simple benchmark.

I found these stats for the pure perl servers:

@miyagawa was kind enough to run the Hello.psgi benchmark under
Plack::Handler::Apache2 on the same laptop the other benchmarks were
run on, and the result was 1,800 requests per second.  This was in the
ballpark of the other results (posted here from the starman docs and
available at the link above).

  -- server: Starman (workers=10)
  Requests per second:    6849.16 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: Twiggy
  Requests per second:    3911.78 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: AnyEvent::HTTPD
  Requests per second:    2738.49 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: HTTP::Server::PSGI
  Requests per second:    2218.16 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: HTTP::Server::PSGI (workers=10)
  Requests per second:    2792.99 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: HTTP::Server::Simple
  Requests per second:    1435.50 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: Corona
  Requests per second:    2332.00 [#/sec] (mean)
  -- server: POE
  Requests per second:    503.59 [#/sec] (mean)

I may try out Devel::NYTProfile on this setup to see if we can get
some Hello.psgi benchmark improvements.  I think we all know these
aren't the end all and that real applications have much larger
bottlenecks, but I consider that finding some bottlenecks in mod_perl2
request handling could be fun.

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