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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject [vote] Release cycle
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 04:40:48 GMT
There are still some failing tests in A-T and mod_perl, but those in
A-T were there previously but not shipped.  If we ship them, perhaps
somebody will send us a patch :)  I've taken a look, but my coding
tuits for this release cycle have run out.

mod_perl 2.0.5-dev appears to be passing all tests in most cases.  1
registry test for closure.t fails; I took a look, but it is the last
test in a set of same_interp tests, and the other three are all

Suggest release sequence is:

1) Apache-Test 1.34
2) Apache-Reload 0.12
3) Apache-SizeLimit 0.94
4) mod_perl 2.0.5

The A-T custom config is gone in 1.34, so it will break some
bootstrapping logic out there in Apache-Dispatch and Apache-Bootstrap.
 However, there isn't a whole lot of other use out there, so I'm
willing to release those modules as well.

mod_perl committers, please vote +1 or -1 to proceed with this release
cycle.  mod_perl dev list users and lurkers, please provide feedback
from your point of view.  We need your help to make this release

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