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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-SizeLimit 0.92 RC2
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 03:45:07 GMT
This is RC2, no changes from RC1 except package.  Please test and report back.

MD5 (Apache-SizeLimit-0.92-rc2.tar.gz) = 8d761fc151c43f00f6991b411ac0371b

Export USE_SMAPS, VERSION, and REQUEST_COUNT to Apache::SizeLimit
from Apache::SizeLimit::Core.
Call _platform_check_size as a class method to prevent error when
USE_SMAPS=0, RT #33303
Reported by:
[Fred Moyer <>]

  *********** HEADS UP - SHARED CODE BASE - HEADS UP  ***********
  Apache-SizeLimit has been hybridized.
  It has been split into 3 packages.
    1) Apache::SizeLimit  - User API for httpd 1.3.x / mod_perl 1.x
    2) Apache2::SizeLimit - User API for httpd 2.x / mod_perl 2.x

    3) Apache::SizeLimit::Core - Interal Shared Functionality
         _NEVER_ use this module directly.
[Philip M. Gollucci <>]

Skip tests on OS X (darwin) due to broken getrusage(3)
[Fred Moyer <>,
 Philip M. Gollucci <>]

Added a SUPPORT section to the docs.
[Dave Rolsky <>]

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