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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: Problem building mp2 from source
Date Sat, 11 Sep 2010 18:30:47 GMT
On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
> Huh it looks like the SizeLimit bootstrap code did not find the my
> previous mp2 install:

This looks like an anomaly with my build environment.  I did a fresh
5.12.2 checkout and build, and built mp 2.0.5-dev against httpd
2.2.15.  Build was ok and 100% of tests passed.

Once Apache::Test 1.33 and the next version if SizeLimit are released,
it is looking good for a 2.0.5 RC imho.  Please take a minute to test
out the latest A:T RC.

> phred@harpua ~/dev/svn/modperl $ perldoc -l
> /Users/phred/dev/perl/lib/site_perl/5.8.8/darwin-2level/
> In a vanilla environment, there will be no mod_perl install, so it
> should be impossible to build mod_perl2 from source there because
> Reload and SizeLimit will bail out in 'perl Makefile.PL'.  Which
> leaves us in a pretty pickle to coin the situation.
> mod_perl itself requires very little dependencies to install which is
> nice.  Apache::Test is one of those dependencies though.
> Apache::* modules require either mp1 or mp2 installed, so they need to
> figure out which version of mp is installed (messy process which I
> released A::Bootstrap to solve), and then build themselves based on
> that version.
> Previous problems from users have been when they upgrade mod_perl,
> which comes with Reload and SizeLimit, the versions of the pure perl
> modules installed with the mod_perl release may be out of date with
> regards to the current CPAN versions.
> If we gave up on trying to bundle Apache::(Reload|SizeLimit) with the
> mod_perl core, then we would have to go through one more release where
> users would have to upgrade mod_perl, then upgrade those modules from
> CPAN as well.  After that release, that issue is done with.  But I
> know this is not something to be done lightly.  However, having hacked
> away at getting towards 2.0.5 out the door, and encountering something
> of this build nastiness, I'm wondering if it is the right thing to do.
> What do you think, mod_perl developers?
> On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 12:52 PM, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
>> Perl 5.8.8, Darwin.
>> Updated to revision 995557.
>> phred@harpua ~/dev/svn/modperl/mod_perl-2.0 $ perl Makefile.PL
>> MP_APXS=/Users/phred/dev/svn/sl/httpd2/bin/apxs
>> Reading Makefile.PL args from @ARGV
>>   MP_APXS = /Users/phred/dev/svn/sl/httpd2/bin/apxs
>> no conflicting prior mod_perl version found - good.
>> Configuring Apache/2.2.4 mod_perl/2.0.5-dev Perl/v5.8.8
>> Subroutine postamble redefined at ./Makefile.PL line 62.
>> Subroutine test redefined at ./Makefile.PL line 76.
>> Subroutine clean redefined at ./Makefile.PL line 96.
>> Writing Makefile for Apache2::Reload
>> ERROR from evaluation of
>> /Users/phred/dev/svn/modperl/mod_perl-2.0/Apache-SizeLimit/Makefile.PL:
>> You don't seem to have mod_perl 2.0 installed at ./Makefile.PL line
>> 134.
>> The SizeLimit bootstrap fails because mod_perl 2 is not installed.
>> Thoughts?  Seems to be a bit of a circular dependency issue.

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