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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Apache::Test on solaris
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 18:40:08 GMT
I had to install Apache::Test on these solaris machines at work to get 
the test suite of A::SL to run, and i ran into a couple of quirks on the 
sparc container that i was using.  I'm not sure if it's anything that 
needs to be thought about, but i wanted to mention it in case it is. 
The first time i ran make test i got this:

Ouch! ap_mm_create(1048576, "/work/var/httpd/") failed
Error: MM: mm:core: failed to open semaphore file (Permission denied): 
OS: No such file or directory

I fixed it by changing the permissions on the director to allow files to 
get written.  I'm not sure if where this file gets created is up to A::T 
or not, but i thought i'd mention it.


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