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From Clinton Gormley <>
Subject mod_perl on github
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 08:50:48 GMT
Hi all

This weekend, I was looking to see what had happened to make mod_perl2
compile with Perl 5.12, and was having a hard time making much sense out
of the svn repository.

I thought, "this would be so much easier, and faster, in git"

So, after searching the mailing list to check if this has been discussed
before (it hasn't, apparently), I use git svn clone plus git-svn-abandon
to push the svn mod_perl repository to github.

I'm not a part of the dev team, so I'm not sure what your feelings are. 

I'm not trying to force anything on anyone, so I have created it a repo
call 'mptest' on github, so that it doesn't look an official anything,
and I can delete it if you are against the idea of moving to git.

Also, I realise that I've 'abandoned' the link to svn, but I have
another copy of the repo which hasn't been abandoned, so it would still
be possible to use the svn repo as a remote.

It would also make sense to create a new user 'modperl' and for that
user to own the project, instead of me.

Please let me know what your thoughts are about this.

By the way, below is the 'authors' file that I used for cloning the repo
- If I have mapped names incorrectly, or have the wrong email address,
please let me know.



aprime = Adam Prime <>
ask = Ask Bjørn Hansen <>
autarch = Dave Rolsky <>
brian = Brian Moseley <>
cholet = Éric Cholet <>
dougm = Doug MacEachern <>
fdc =  Frank Cringle <>
fwiles = Frank Wiles <>
geoff = Geoff Young <>
gozer = Philippe M. Chiasson <>
hartill = Rob Hartill <>
ix = Brian Moseley <>
jerenkrantz = Jeren Krantz <>
joes = Joe Schafer <>
jorton = Joe Orton <>
khera = Vivek Khera <>
moseley = Brian Moseley <>
noel = Noel J. Bergman <>
pereinar = Per Einar Ellefsen <>
perrin = Perrin Harkins <>
pgollucci = Philip M. Gollucci <>
phred = Fred Moyer <>
randyk = Randy Kobes <>
richter = Gerald Richter <>
rse = Ralf S. Engelschall <>
sbekman = Stas Bekman <>
stas = Stas Bekman <>
stevehay = Steve Hay <>
theory = David E. Wheeler <>
torsten = Torsten Förtsch <>
(no author) = No Author <>

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