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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r957309 - in /perl/modperl/trunk: Changes Makefile.PL
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 18:56:31 GMT
On 10-06-30 01:01 , Fred Moyer wrote:
> As a follow up to this commit, I discussed additional steps needed on
> IRC with Gozer.  He asked me to check make dist to be sure that it
> generated the correct MANIFEST which included the bundled
> Apache-SizeLimit and Apache-Reload modules.  I just went over that
> issue and the distribution includes the desired pure perl modules.
> make rpm appears to include those modules also.
> However, those included modules are using -dev versions (A:T 1.33-dev
> for example) :(
> If we want the distro to include released versions, that will mean
> that those bundled modules will need to be svn updated to the stable
> tags before building the bundled distribution.  That or update the
> release procedures for the bundled modules and do dev on branches - I
> like that solution less.

Or follow a similar path to what we do with Apache-Test. Not sure that's
going to scale very well, unfortunately.

Probably better to pick the last released tag for these and use that in
the produced tarball.

Reminds me of something else, are we correctly generating the META.yml
exceptions for these modules, so the CPAN indexer doesn't index them?

Philippe M. Chiasson     GPG: F9BFE0C2480E7680 1AE53631CB32A107 88C3A5A5       m/gozer\@(apache|cpan|ectoplasm)\.org/

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