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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: Another A:T patch for review
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 00:53:36 GMT
I said this stuff in IRC, but I'll put it here too in case anyone else 
wants to weigh in.

 From what I understand, the primary goal of this patch is to fix a 
bunch of false failures that are coming back for Apache::Test from cpan 
testers for Apache::Test (see links below).

The bulk of this patch rips out a bunch of code that tried to help make 
your tests pass, if for some reason you were running them as root.

I'm not really sure what the benefit of ripping all that code out is. 
Sure, it's a bad idea to run your tests as root, but someone (stas by 
the looks of things) thought handling that condition was worth writing a 
few hundred lines of code back when it got written.

I think it would be less risky to make a release that only the 
$ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} hunk, and see if that fixed the issue with CPAN 



cpan testers failure reports:

Fred Moyer wrote:
> This is a more extensive patch than the one I submitted a couple days
> ago.  This makes a move to keep any Apache::Test tests (or tests in
> modules that use Apache::Test) from running as root.  Most tests are
> likely being run as non-privileged users currently; if you ever ran
> them as root you likely had to change the permissions of the build
> files, so that seems to be an exception.
> There's one more addition here where the prompt to skip the test suite
> is skipped if the tests are running under $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING}

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