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From Thomas Lindgren <>
Subject Apache2::HookRun question
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 08:59:07 GMT
Hi all,

I was directed here after asking around regarding the following. I hope this
is the right place.

I'm trying to use Apache2::HookRun according to the example provided in

Two problems so far:

   1. Apache2::RequestRec doesn't appear to provide a new() method, so the
   example fails.
   2. A subsequent "$r->location_merge($path);" seems, according to the
   comments, to be required or bad things will happen -- but $path isn't
   declared or defined, and location_merge() seems not to be a method for
   Apache2::RequestRec either.

Okay, so the example code seems a bit broken. Does anyone know how it should
be fixed/rewritten? Thanks.

(In the greater scheme of things, I'm trying to get mod_perl to dryrun the
authn/authz phases with config, handlers, .htaccess and all, and provide the
results "as a service". HookRun seemed like an ideal way to implement that,
but if there are better ways of getting there, I'd also appreciate any


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