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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Apache::Test problem
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 11:39:04 GMT

I thought I had found an issue in t/api/add_config.t but the problem is 
probably AT.

t/api/add_config.t creates a vhost. If I start httpd 
with "t/TEST -start-httpd" a new configuration is created in 
t/conf/ and the shows the correct vhost=>port 

  'TestAPI::add_config' => {
                            'hostport' => 'localhost:8567',

httpd runs and I can connect to localhost:8567 and run the test via 

Now, if I try to run the test via "t/TEST -verbose -run-tests 
t/api/add_config.t" it tries to connect to a completely different port:

# connecting to http://localhost:8607/TestAPI__add_config/

The point is, t/TEST overwrites t/conf/ or rather 
reconfigures the system. But now the default ports at 8529 upwards are 
in use. So, it assigns new ones. This must be prevented in 
the -run-tests case. I think the whole reconfig thing should be skipped 
with -run-tests.

Does anyone know where to lay hands on or do I have to figure it out 


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