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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject RE: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Bootstrap 0.05 rc1
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009 16:45:03 GMT

5.8.8, httpd 2.2.6, mp 2.0.5-dev

Please take five minutes to download, unpack, and run the tests:

I'm trying to knock this one off so I can put my tuits to use on the
remaining 2.0.5 tasks.


Apache::Bootstrap 0.05 release candidate 1 is available for testing and review:

If you write or maintain modules that use both mod_perl1 and
mod_perl2, you may appreciate this module.  It is designed to take the
pain out of dual life-ing mod_perl based modules, and provides
bootstrapping functions to detect installed mod_perl versions and "do
the right thing".  A lot of the logic in this code was lifted from
versions that have been floating around in Apache::Reload,
Apache::SizeLimit, etc., so hopefully it has some collected wisdom
from the efforts made by most of the mod_perl developers in
bootstrapping Apache::* modules.  I can personally testify to the pain
of dual lifeing modules, as I spend most of my mod_perl hacking time
in 2007 on this problem, and bugging gozer, geoff, and pgolluci about

Please download, test, and report back.  Version 0.04_02 has been on
CPAN for a while now, and the testers haven't really found any
failures IIRC, and there haven't been many changes to 0.05.  Thanks!

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