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From "Steve Hay" <>
Subject RE: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] mod_perl-1.31 RC4
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 18:24:22 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:
> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>> Steve Hay wrote:
>>> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>>> The mod_perl 1.31 release candidate 4 "Works with Perl 5.10" is
>>>> ready. It can be downloaded here:
>>> All tests OK using VC6 on WinXP with apache 1.3.39 and perl 5.10.0
>>> built without USE_MULTI, USE_ITHREADS or USE_IMP_SYS.
>>  >
>>> Crashes on startup with apache 1.3.41 and perl 5.10.0 built with
>>> default options (i.e. with USE_MULTI, USE_ITHREADS or USE_IMP_SYS).
>> Any chance to try and narrow it down a little bit more between these
>> 3?
> I tried with USE_MULTI + USE_ITHREADS but no USE_IMP_SYS and it still
> crashes, so it must be USE_ITHREADS that is doing it. (USE_MULTI is a
> pre-requisite for USE_ITHREADS, so I can't try without that, and I've
> a feeling that USE_MULTI on its own is useless and might not even
> build.) 
> So basically, mp1 crashes with ithreaded builds of perl.

This is hopefully now fixed with r719313. Sorry it took so long!!! [I
haven't been working on it all that time ;-)]

Can some other people please give it a whirl, and if it looks good then
perhaps we can have an RC5?

See also r719315, which fixes a problem I found building libapreq1.

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