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From Petr Sumbera <Petr.Sumb...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: What happened with Apache2::Reload in mod_perl-2.0.4?
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 08:11:36 GMT
Fred Moyer wrote:
> Petr Sumbera wrote:
>> Fred Moyer wrote:
>>> Petr Sumbera wrote:

>>> I don't think a date has been set for 2.0.5, but given that ApacheCon 
>>> is in early November I'm guessing that a good bit of hacking will get 
>>> done there and a release would be likely to happen around then.
>> I'm concerned with compatibility. Shouldn't be this released as soon 
>> as possible?
> Can you elaborate on your compatibility concerns?  You have a huge list 
> of mod_perl developers here to help you out :)
> I know that every time resource locations change there is a certain 
> amount of work users have to do to adapt.  But the developers also need 
> feedback - thank you for providing it.

Well, it's packaging one. If we update package with mod_perl2 users who 
are using Apache2::Reload will have problem.


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